Wednesday, April 6, 2011


this special post for one  that i love but fucking fortunately i broke her heart . its already s history . whatever sweetest words i'll spill for her wont never ever could erase the memory . the worst memory that i threw all the fucking bad words to her . im sorry for being such a fucking fuck . you hate sorry . im losing the originality of a guy named myself . yes , i admit . you deserve better of me , or better guy . its hard to say it , but yes its true . you deserve one better . i swear i never could bare my tears if im seeing you with other guy calling you baby . i always want to be the guy . the one . just for you . the magic words , iloveyou . i oftenly fucking saying that but seems i showed it less than i spill it out for you . just , iloveyou sweetheart .

sepuluh juta pintu hati ku merendahkan ketinggian langit egoku yang merasakan diriku benar . kau masih yang terindah dan tercantik buatku . aku sayang kamu . 

i broke yours . kill me . iloveyou ;*

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