Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pull & Bear

its hard when someone that means world to you go and slip off from your dictionary of life . the one who makes you feel the freshness of sunflower in the morning , the shines of stars at night , the one could make your night turns bright , put smile on your pathethic sad face , the one who put off your tears ,  spill words to fire you up when you down , the one you laugh with when people keep pushing you . I still remember how her smell when she whip hers to me , her teeth when she smile , her blissful sound when she giggle , the face when she pull her face , the shine when we meet . Spending whole night on phone , you woke me up and nagging saying ''kejut orang pekak bangun subuh lagi senang dari kejut you , mangkuk ayunnn pelat bangunnn!!'' . each moments keep playing in my mind as i saying one by one . i could wirte some sort of series to reminisce all the memories or i just keep it and use it as my own slideshow before sleep .

almost all songs in my player are from you and about us . im sorry if i couldnt delete them . i need them . you sang me one and i'll play it everyday . all the beautiful and sweet texts from you i keep in my memory of heart . not memory card . so , when i stop breathing and excluded myself from the world and sleep forever , i still have part of you .

i did say thanks for the love and lesson . yes , thank you so much . i need it more and more . i lose my world . now . i fuckingly want to spill out the magic words for you tapi apa nanti you cakap pulak kan ?

have bless and blast . may Allah bless you .


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