Monday, April 11, 2011


it was accidently and random intention to tide up my room . mama always say this ''you know what , your room is such a massive disaster since Titanic . go and make your room '' and i always like weee weee , wth ? im living in my lovely dovey 'castle' mama . but somehow stucked in the house and being anak dara for one day makes me fell dull . and guess what ? im tide up ''the Titanic II'' as mama called it and found some unexpected thingy-ies .

i discovered i have fucking dozens of novels and mags .  and im like ''aku ulat buku ke dude ?''

i just discovered that i have lots , i mean fucking lots of t-shirts and pants . i always thought im such a lame asshole a bit in being a lil fashionista .

ahaa , i found some surat cinta dulu-dulu posted by some girls and maybe some friends . also some Eid cards from dozens friends . epic dohh . ehemm , im totally a normal guy and invisible , not a guy yang selalu berdamping dengan gadis-gadis .

i found my work suit and somehow i felt so sad . comeon dude . life moving forward . it always the sweet memories . even mak ngah told how sad she felt when i leave her house . dont worry yahh mak ngah ? i'll come again .

special for fairus, if you read this and (i really hope so) i found your letter . the one you sent to me during Eid before exam . somehow i reminisce the moment we had lunch at your Angah's . do send regard to your sister and Abang Andy .

pejam celik pejam celik , orang sekeliling aku kian berubah . kehidupan betul-betul sedang menjengah generasi ku. esok aku ada interview di MSU . hope so im doing the best .

seribu perjalanan lagi perlu ku tempuhi , sejuta lautan lagi akan kurenangi . pahit dan manis masa lalu akan menjadi buah senyuman yang akan kuukir pada masa hadapan . semoga Tuhan merestui diriku dan kalian . Senyuman ikhlas hanya untuk semua . (;