Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Go With It

''you the one i never lied . you the one who knows all my secret . you the one understand me . you the one who always at my back when i need someone ''

watching this remarkable movie by myself make me realised many things . im at the starter point of having my own life . love do need honesty . and it will come in unexpected moments . even someone around you that you never noticed how damn gorgeous she is . i love the story lesson ; Honesty and Appreciation . ohh yaa , Jennifer Aniston is damn a gorgeous lady and and Brooklyn Decker ? you know why its rated 18 when you watch it (;

p/s : i dated with myself to watch this movie and guess what ? when the story end and i walked out of the cinema , all the single-guys (maybe , because no girls with 'em) with formal attire walked with deepest smile . and i was , ''wahh , yang tengok cerita ni lelaki yang kesepian apa ? '' ;O

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