Monday, March 28, 2011


We never can expect how life would amaze you ,  disappoint you , bright your nights or rain your sunny days . that what we called life . spontaneous always decorate our live . sometimes when you listened to an unexpected song , reading such a inspiring lines in movies or even saw a picture of life in our surrounding . we could be inspired about life and makes we realize how beautiful Godcreated life for us . just we need to keep remembering Him and live our life .

this is Artfazil . his songs are damn inspiring . i love the ;merindui kepastian'.\


Sunday, March 27, 2011


it such a dull morning when im typing or more specifically texting this entry . It was an awkward situation when one day yesterday, you wearing a good suit working in place of fashion but in the next morning you still laying on the bed during lunch time with title 'jobless' on your head . Its all about moving on . I just realized its damn easy to spell it out than do it up . MOVE ON . It always not as easy as we can spell it . Kinda sad that alast i having my resignation letter . this is one of my episode that already written by God for my sakeness.

For my dearie mama , have a blessing 45th mama . You still look young as 34 mama . Dont worry . Have a blast year :)

Special notes to all dudes or babes that we used called as 'friends' , thanks for stabbing me at the back , throwing all the 'best' wishes ' deliver all the 'good' thoughts and always saying about all the 'kindness' that i've did . Thanks for being such an honest people in the world . You deserve hell than others . Thank you .

Friday, March 25, 2011


Dalam dunia ni , ada dua jantina dimana setiap satu mempunyai golongan keparat yang digelar sundalan , banjingan dan sialan . Apa sahaja gelaran yang diberi , semua merangkummi satu aspek, kebodohan sikap mereka yang dibenci segolongan manusia yang lain . Kebiasaannya , sundalan lebih digunakan kepada perempuan atau lebih famousnya , 'bitch' . Mungkin kerana ego lelaki yang tinggi menggunung langit membuatkan lelaki kurang mempunyai gelaran . Namun , semua itu berakhirnya dengan istilah 'boyitchh' iaitu 'boy' + 'bitch' . Entri ini ditulis dengan penuh hormon kebencian dan perasaan membuak . Namun kemarahan yang dapat dikawal menunjkkan kegagahan seorang lelaki . Tarik nafas dan bersabar . Sigh

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Past is past . im moving forward . but , people will always knocking you back . It may yourown family , friends or even sweetheart . naah , it just a statement , not related to me-(just abit) . It just fuck everything of and Run . run to ? run to achieve the highest . to prove realm of my mind . im heartless now .i just got to go back tomy Creator .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I slipped at one stage in life doesnt mean i'll fall for second time in life . thankful i fell now, so i can get up and do better than for me . it means Redha . Thanks to Allah . eventhough , its like swallow the most bitter things in your life , but actually its a lesson . its like Aidi said to me "in order to prove your realm of mind , you have to be tested by hardship in this world" . yes,i raise up my hand and i agree with you bro . thanks to the beautiful Teera,i read this at your blogand its super-inspiring ;

"Berserahlah diri pada Allah. Insya-Allah, Allah mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Kadangkalanya kita terlalu menginginkan sesuatu tetapi tidak dapat kerana Allah tahu ia bukan yang terbaik untuk kita. Tetapi sekiranya pertaruhan hati hanya padaNya, tidak adalah yang lebih mengaman dan menenangkan jiwa kerana kita mengetahui Allahlah yang sebaik-baik perancang kehidupan seseorang insan."
InsyaAllah. semua orang nervous. Allah sukakan orang dalam dua keadaan: apabila berdosa dan ketakutan. Sebab masa inilah kita mengharapkanNya. Pertama untuk pengampunan; kedua sebagai pelindung. Allah Yang Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Menyayangi. Doalah banyak-banyak

 like as my dad told me ''past is past . move up,son " .