Friday, April 1, 2011


Friday . a very blessing Friday . and why ? because lots of amazing things happened on Friday . i still remember when every Friday , i will totally say this to my boutique-mates 'dont worry , we'll have a kick-ass sales today' eventhou that we still havent open any billl , and yet ' we achieve at least 2k by night time .

im not gonna tell all the boutique tales here , just a bit intro . yess , i had a very blissful and lovely Friday morning . it was unexpected but full of loveliness . all i just want to say to you , yes the one who smile when she knows that i wrote about her , thanks for stand with all my fishy and bad habits and keep being beautiful . marry you ? it was in my plan and it'll keep there plus with some pray to God . Ameen . have some of this ;

stand up for both . Ameen .

p/s; ohh yeah, my mate named her pet as Friday too (;

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