Friday, October 21, 2011

You & Me

I have a past . You also have past .
I don't think that I'm gonna talk about your past .
Romantic lover .
One hand driver with lover (another one hand holding hers) .
I spill out sweet words .
Melancholy quotes .
Beautiful Remedies . Alot .
I repeat 'alot' .

See, I bold it .

But .
These are a 'was' .

Broken English here but i just tap out what my heart said .

Old story that i decided to broke it into pieces .
Just like Harry Potter smashed out Riddle's Diary in Sorcerer's Stone .

I'm 93-ians . I grew up with Harry . Deal with it .

I thought my heart won't be the same .
It has a scar .
Deep one . Beautiful scratch .

Yes .
It aint same .
Because Its a different heart that took mine .
You-Know-Who ?

You & Me

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