Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let Me Spill Out

My mood driving me out loudly . You i miss you . You , I'm happy when i have a conversation with you . You , i remember your essence . You , i keep hearing your voice in my head saying 143 . You , I love when you perfectly fit your fingers between mine . You , I love listening when you singing . You , I love see you sleep because its cute . You , i always remember the moment you lay down your head on my shoulder . You , i miss buying your favourite choclate and drinks . You , i miss the feeling missing you . You , i miss having your picture as my wallpaper . You , I miss feeling very excited when i receive call and texts from you . You , i miss wishing you every night and morning . You , I miss wipe your messy mouth . You , i miss when you called me bitch and i called you slut but then we laugh . You , i miss having Sahur wake up call . You , i missing talking to you by Eid's night . You , i miss the moment driving around with you by my side . You , I miss wiping your tears . You , i miss when you accept my bad side and forgive me alot . You , i miss when jealousy strikes me . You , i miss when we share the same moon sight from our bedroom . You , i miss you sing me to bed . You , i miss you sulky-ness . You , i miss hearing your voice calm me down . You , i miss the moment we chasing around in mall . You , i miss when we sneek out just to say 143 . You , i miss reading  tumblr posts by you . You , i miss the sweet talk between us . You , i miss your hand around me . You , i still remember your heat . You , i miss being your biggest stalker . You , i miss when you count on me . You , i miss sending you random texts to say how much i love you . You , i miss having half of me again . You , count on me and let me say this once again ;

I ♥ You

p/s : I dont have 'You' . #thosetruththingsaboutmeforsomeoneicalledlove .

 whisper your love and kill me softly . i give you the greatest smile .

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