Sunday, March 27, 2011


it such a dull morning when im typing or more specifically texting this entry . It was an awkward situation when one day yesterday, you wearing a good suit working in place of fashion but in the next morning you still laying on the bed during lunch time with title 'jobless' on your head . Its all about moving on . I just realized its damn easy to spell it out than do it up . MOVE ON . It always not as easy as we can spell it . Kinda sad that alast i having my resignation letter . this is one of my episode that already written by God for my sakeness.

For my dearie mama , have a blessing 45th mama . You still look young as 34 mama . Dont worry . Have a blast year :)

Special notes to all dudes or babes that we used called as 'friends' , thanks for stabbing me at the back , throwing all the 'best' wishes ' deliver all the 'good' thoughts and always saying about all the 'kindness' that i've did . Thanks for being such an honest people in the world . You deserve hell than others . Thank you .

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